Publication Fee

The American Journal of Oral Medicine does NOT have any submission fee.

Small production fee on accepted articles will be applied directly by Open Academia once the Galley Proof is ready. The production fee is USD 40/EUR 36 per published page and the sum will be charged to the corresponding author(s). Colour illustrations are free of charge, just as supplemental audio-visual or interactive material. There is no cost for supplementary material, which is edited prior to posting but is not typeset.

To get a rough idea of how many words and graphics fit into a certain number of pages, please see the samples below:

Words and characters for an article of 5 typeset pages:
Sample: Ca. 3500 words or 22500 characters (including spaces), two figures and one table.

Words and characters for an article of 12 typeset pages:
Sample 1: Ca. 6700 words or 43500 characters (including spaces), six figures and two tables.
Sample 2: Ca. 7500 words or 44500 characters (including spaces), eight figures and no tables.